About Us

Most of my childhood was spent in Mauritius. I've always lived in countries where I've been part of an ethnic minority and being the only son and middle child with 2 sisters has made me aware of whom to pay attention to.

You will note some of the images on this website feature landscaping works. This is because in my 'previous life' I was a creative landscaper designing and building gardens for happy clients. Alas and as 'all good things come to an end', my persistent injuries led to a career change. There is a reason for everything.

Educated on the African, European and Australasian continents, I’m blessed to be multilingual and aware of cultural differences in respectful environments.

I have been fortunate to have dabbled in the worlds of self-employment, contingent work and as an employee which has allowed me to be more aware of what people’s ‘workplaces’ really involve.

Whether it is work health and safety advice or mediation, I look forward to helping you.

Denis Bellerose (Director)

Dip.Leg.Fr, Dip.Leg.Stu., GradDipLegPract, GradDipOHS, JP

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That's me in the middle!