Mediation Services

"Mediation is a constructive conversation between people in conflict facilitated by a neutral third person, the Mediator. Mediation provides participants an opportunity to collaboratively design creative solutions to workplace conflict and repair professional relationships."

Whether it is in an international, professional, institutional, community or domestic context, the need to resolve conflicts/disputes is crucial for peace in our society. Resolutions allow for  example for families to co-exist and businesses to flourish and proper in environments where relationships can remain respectful instead of terminating rapports. 

Bellac co-mediates (where required), facilitates face-to-face and online and in English, French and Mauritian Créole for disputes involving:

Pro Bono assistance available for the impecunious.

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Bellac Consulting (BLC)  will attend your preferred location or conduct online intake sessions. Similarly, BLC will be flexible on the day(s) of the mediation session(s).